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Hohner 38C Mini Harmonica, Major C Little Lady
Our Price: $5.00

The Hohner Mini Harp is a harmonica with 4 single holes and 8 reeds in the key of C. Length 1 3/8". This tiny, perfectly playable harmonica has an O ring for attaching to a chain as a necklace. A cool and inexpensive gift.
Great Value Harmonica BEE 16 Holes Key of C Children's Tremolo
Our Price: $6.25

Harmonica - Do you want to give your little music lover a big surprise? Or are you ready to train your baby's music accomplishment from now on? This Top Grade 16 Holes Children's Tremolo Harmonica for BEE must be what you're waiting for. Composed of stainless steel cover, copper base plate and environmentally friendly ABS combs, our children's tremolo harmonica delivers long time performance and melodious tone.
Starter Harmonica Bee Key of G 16 Hole
Our Price: $6.25

16 hole beginner's harmonica. Made in China.
Hohner 1501BX-A Bluesband Harmonica, Key of A
Our Price: $6.95

This economical 10-hole harmonica for all ages is a plastic body model designed for beginner level players in the rhythm & blues style. Diatonic, single reed harmonicas feature reeds tuned to produce the natural notes of the musical scale-without any additional sharps & flats (a diatonic instrument). They are ten-hole instruments with the four middle holes comprising a complete eight-note octave-the holes on either side permit chord playing. They are capable of producing bending & overblowing, which will allow the player to achieve sharps and flats.
Harmonica Wall Chart (Wall Chart)
Our Price: $6.95

A reference chart for the 10-hole major diatonic harmonica and chromatic harmonica. Includes for the diatonic harmonica: 1) A chart of notes for all major keys and relative positions; 2) Note layout for standard draw and blow bending; 3) Note layout for over-bending; 4) Lee Oskar Altered Tunings; and 5) The most common scales. For chromatic harmonica, the chart shows 1) Note layout for 10, 12 and 16 hole chromatic harmonicas; and 2) Complete major and minor scales along with common modes.
Jerry Silverman - Blues Harmonica (Book)
Our Price: $7.95

60 blues tunes arranged for harmonica with complete lyrics.
Amazing Grace and Other Gospel Sounds for Harmonica
Our Price: $8.99

29 songs, including: Amazing Grace • Church in the Wildwood • He's Got the Whole World in His Hands • Near the Cross • Rock of Ages • Shall We Gather at the River? • Stand Up, Stand up for Jesus • Sweet by and By • Sweet Hour of Prayer • and more.
Introduction to Harmonica (DVD)
Our Price: $9.95

The Intro to Harmonica DVD by Tom Wolf is a harmonica lesson designed for the absolute beginner. This video lesson starts the beginner off with proper technique (hand positions, mouth positions, blowing & drawing). You'll quickly learn scales and chords and techniques like double stops, vibrato, trills, cross harp, and bends. Learn how to play songs like Will the Circle Be Unbroken and Amazing Grace. You also learn how to play the harmonica along with other instruments like the guitar. All of the notation is on screen with a pointer showing each note as it's being played. This is the perfect tool for the beginner to learn how to play the harmonica.
You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica by George Heaps-Nelson & Barbara Koehler (eBook)

A wonderful, easy-to-understand beginning harmonica book for both folk and blues harmonica stylings.  Several different styles are analyzed and representative tunes are given in each style.  With the various sections the songs are roughly graded as to difficulty.  An extra section examines some specialized techniques and introduces some harmonicas other than the standard ten-hole-twenty-reed diatonic harp (in the key of C) for which most of the songs in this book are written.  All together, 41 harmonica arrangements are included. Lessons on the companion video are taught by Phil Duncan.
Basic Harmonica Method by David Barrett (eBook+Online Audio)

This book is meant to give you a jump-start in playing blues harmonica. You will find there are both easy and difficult techniques on the harmonica. Due to the nature and length of this book, and to avoid repetition of sections of other books by the same author- some of the more commonplace blues harmonica techniques are avoided here. A 10-hole D harmonica is required to begin this book, but a Lee Oskar natural minor harmonica in the key of A minor is also recommended. All tunes and exercises in this book are written in standard notation with harmonica blow/draw indications. Although this is not a beginner's book, the enclosed CD recording provides an additional assist to players at all level.