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Dunlop Stringwinder - Scotty
Our Price: $2.75

    • Replace strings in seconds.
    • The notched head removes bridge pins quickly and safely.
Performance Plus VP4P Violin / Mandolin Pitch Pipe
Our Price: $3.85

    • For Mandolin or Violin

    • Electronically Tested for Accuracy

    • Hand Tuned Brass Reeds

    • High Impact Case

    • Improves tuning by ear

    • Compact enough to fit just about anywhere

Performance Plus GP6P Guitar Pitch Pipe
Our Price: $3.98

The performance plus pitch pipe is a simple and affordable way to tune your guitar. It has 6 holes in which you blow into, and each hole is the pitch of one of the strings of the guitar. Simply adjust the pitch of your guitar to match the pitch of the pitch pipe and your in tune.
Guitar Fly Swatter Large Black
Our Price: $5.00

Novelty midnight black guitar swatter.  Molded unbreakable plastic. 14"L X 5"W"
Guitar Fly Swatter Large Red
Our Price: $5.00

Novelty dynamite red guitar swatter.  Molded unbreakable plastic. 14"L X 5"W"
Hamilton Stands Zuki Beads - Music Stand Abacus
Our Price: $5.50

Designed to help keep track of how many times an exercise has been played, the Zuki Beads - Music Stand Abacus from Hamilton Stands clips onto most music stands. Its beads can be changed or re-arranged to create a customized look.
13 Pitch Pipe PC-C W003AP Metal New York Pro
Our Price: $7.00

Reliable nickel plated chromatic vocal pitch pipe tuner by New York Pro.  We have sold many of these over the years.  Has 13 chromatic notes in the scale.  This can be used for vocalist or if you want a pitch pipe to tune any instrument.  Made by a company putting out products for  over 35 years now.
Gorilla Snot - The Original Drumstick & Guitar Pick Grip
Our Price: $7.95

    • Gorilla Snot is a gripping aid.
    • It has been developed by and for professionals who demand flexibility, functionality, and efficiency in the tools of their trade
    • A non-gooey, naturally refined tree rosin
    • Gorilla Snot reacts with your body's natural chemistry and heat output to retain a steady grip on picks drumsticks, bows
Gerlitz GGH Guitar Honey Fingerboard Oil
Our Price: $7.95

A unique blend of conditioning oils for rosewood, ebony, & other exotic woods. It will cleanse and enhance your fingerboard's natural character, giving it a smooth silky feel and lustrous glowing sheen, while protecting against moisture, sweat, alcohol & grime in general.
Wittner 921440 A-440 Tuning Fork
Our Price: $9.95

Wittner A440 Tune Fork, Large Round Tines with Fleece Lined Pouch
  • Pitch: A-440
  • Length: 4"
  • Round tines
  • Delivers clear tone, longer sound and accurate tuning
  • Special quality steel, polished and plated